Beautiful Lush Green Lawn?

We have treatment programs that will make your lawn healthy, strong and weed free!

lawn care treatments Green Blade
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Free Lawn Survey

Our treatments are tailor made to your soil & grass type

Bespoke Service

Unlike the franchises our treatments are tailored to your lawn and soil

lawn care treatments Green Blade
Annual Lawn Care Treatments

Our Treatments give you a healthy, strong lawn that really looks great & you will be proud of!

" Let us make your lawn beautiful and green! "

Choose greenBlade Lawn Care for A Weed Free Beautiful Lawn!

lawn care treatments Green Blade
Weed Control

We can eraticate the weeds in your lawn!

lawn care treatments Green Blade
Moss Control

The UK weather and conditions are great for moss! we can control Moss for you!

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Lawn Scarification & Aeration

Scarification to remove excess thatch and dead organic matter. Aeration to improve your lawns root system

Why Choose Us?

We Love Lawns & Happy Customers! We Know About Grass!

lawn care treatments Green Blade

Great service and customer care

Certified experts

Trained & insured

lawn care treatments Green Blade

NOT a franchise

Green-Blade-Lawn-Treatments-Fertiliser-Sack-Icon lawn care treatments Green Blade
Bespoke Lawn Care

Tailored approach for lawn care

What's Our Clients Say

Our Customers Love Their Lawns & Our Customer Service

lawn care treatments Green Blade
Mary Marsh

My lawn was just not looking as i wanted it, it was full of weeds and patchy in places. Green blade have given me a lawn im happy with!

lawn care treatments Green Blade
Richard Hingham

My lawn was spongy and held the water, after some of Greenblades renovation which included scarifying and aeration my lawn is so much better and looks great

lawn care treatments Green Blade
Tom Roberts
North London

My lawn look great and the hard surface treatments keep weeds from my drive and patio

lawn care treatments Green Blade
Barbera Roule

I just wanted a nice looking lawn to enjoy, Im pleased that i considered lawn treatments because my lawn know looks as i wanted it to!

Our Lawn Care Service Area

We Cover the following areas:

North London
South Bedfordshire
West Essex

Please call us if you are out of
the locations. We may be able
to help or recommend
another lawn care company.

Questions & Answers

Have a question on lawn care or weed control? Then get in touch or look through this website. Our advice is always free and friendly. If we don't know the answer we can use our extensive contacts to get one!

We have a passion for a lovely lawn that can be enjoyed by your family! We do a job we are proud to do and we pride ourselves on the service we provide. W are lucky to have great customers who love a weed free lawn.

Yes! We are trained by a leading figure in the lawn care world and we have undergone safety training in the application of the feeds, weeds and moss control products we use

Yes! We are a member of The UK Lawn Care Association ans abide by their code of conduct. We are fully insured and trained. We care about your property as if was our own.

Contact us in whichever way you are most comfortable with. We want happy customers who love our service. We offer a full 100% money back guarantee for you peace of mind.

A sample of soil is taken and sent to a laboratory. We then know what the soils is made up and what nutrients should be applied.

Absolutely not! We provide a free quote and soil analysis and it is really free. You are not obligated to take any other of our services.

We have a variety of methods in which you can pay. You can pay for a year in advance when you are confident in us and receive a discount. You can pay monthly by standing order, we can leave you an invoice after a visit and you can send a cheque, you can pay the technician in cash or cheque on the day 

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